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The scripture readings of the last two Sundays taught about the proper use of material wealth, which we call “stewardship.”  Today we are being taught that one who believes in God will not be disappointed (cf. First Reading); can accomplish wonderful things (cf. Gospel); and can prevail over any adversity (cf. Second Reading).  The content of our faith comes to us through the living Tradition of the Church, articulated by the teaching of the pope and bishops under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Our faith is nurtured by the proclamation of the word of God and the celebration of the sacraments.  As members of the Church we have a duty to see that these continue.

Besides supporting our own parish, we have an opportunity to support the wider Church through the Diocesan Annual Appeal.  You have all received in the mail information about this year’s Appeal. This year’s theme, cited above, is inspired by 2 Corinthians 1:24: “We work together for your joy, for you stand firm in the faith.”  More information about everything the Appeal supports and the Annual Appeal video are available at <>.

Please consider making a commitment to the Diocesan Annual Appeal.  Through the ministries and apostolates supported by the Appeal, we have an opportunity to contribute to alleviating the sufferings of others by supporting the Church’s charitable works and relief services.  We support Catholic education and evangelization, both at home and abroad, which bring the gospel of hope to young and old alike. We contribute to the formation of priests who will preach the gospel and celebrate the sacraments in our diocese and in mission lands, and the formation of the permanent deacons and pastoral ministers who collaborate with them.  We support those who assist the diocesan bishop in the administration of the temporal goods of the Church, including the maintenance of our own diocesan Cathedral.

All of us are beneficiaries of the Church’s ministries and apostolates.  With gratitude for what we have been given, and aware of our obligation to support our brothers and sisters, let us each consider carefully what we can give to the Diocesan Annual Appeal over the next nine months and make a pledge today.  Thank you.

Today is Respect Life Sunday in the United States.  There is no more fundamental, “unalienable,” God-given right than the right to life.  Respect for human life entails defending the defenseless unborn, welcoming the stranger, working for social justice, comforting the suffering, strengthening families and consoling the dying, to mention just a few ways that we express fraternal charity for our fellow human beings.  The Knights of Columbus are selling LifeSavers for a free-will offering today to support their pro-life efforts; and don’t forget the Life Chain this Sunday afternoon on South Hastings Way in Eau Claire.

October is the month of the rosary.  It is a great family prayer. Pray the rosary this week for a greater respect for human life and dignity; for the legal protection of all life, from its beginning at conception and throughout its natural course; for married couples and their families; and, as always, pray for peace.

May God bless his people with peace.

Monsignor Gorman