With Us Always

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Congratulations to our young people who are receiving their first Holy Communion this weekend! Celebrating First Communion always reminds us of the great gift Christ has given to us – the gift of his very self. The joy and purity that marks our children as they receive the Body and Blood of Jesus should mark our every reception of this Sacrament. First Communion reminds us that we should never take for granted the invitation to eat and drink at the Lord’s Table.

My own first Holy Communion was on Easter Sunday. (We were allowed to receive on Easter with our families even though our first “solemn” reception with our class was the following week.) First Communion is usually celebrated during Easter because it is truly THE “Easter Sacrament” – the abiding presence of the Risen Lord with his Church. In fact, the Mass is the memorial of Jesus’ suffering, death, and resurrection; the foundational paschal (Easter) mystery of our faith.

In today’s second reading from the Book of Revelation we hear the promise that God would dwell among the human race: “God himself will always dwell with them as their God.” The holy Eucharist is the fulfillment of that promise. Now God himself dwells with us, really and truly present in every Tabernacle under the appearance of bread. This is why we genuflect before taking our seat, to acknowledge that the Lord our God is present with us. That’s why it is also good upon entering the church to kneel and spend a few moments in prayerful adoration before the Blessed Sacrament.

Here in Chippewa Falls we also have the privilege of Eucharistic adoration at the Goldsmith Chapel located at Notre Dame Parish. There the Blessed Sacrament is exposed in the monstrance for continual adoration throughout the week. If you’ve never been to Eucharistic adoration at the Goldsmith Chapel, I’d encourage you to stop in sometime for a few moments of prayer with our Lord. Even better, consider making a weekly appointment with the Lord for Eucharistic adoration. I think you’ll find it an oasis of peace in the midst of your busy life!

PS. For our St. Charles parishioners: Next weekend we will be taking a short survey on our Celebration of Summer. We’re looking for input as to how to enhance our annual event and build more participation. We’re also looking for volunteers for the silent auction, cake walk, and other events. Please take a moment next week to complete the survey.