Thanks Giving

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Christian stewardship begins with gratitude. We realize that all we have, all we are, all we might ever become is a gift of God. We know what God has done for us in Jesus Christ, who died that our sins might be forgiven. We have hope of the everlasting life that is God’s faithful promise. We are, as Christians, the people who “always and everywhere give thanks.” It is this basic stance of gratitude for God’s many blessings that marks a Christian steward.
For us Thanksgiving is not a day but a way of life. As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches it’s a good time to reflect upon how our lives express thanks-giving to God. Every household will be receiving a special financial stewardship mailing this week and I ask that you take time to read over the enclosed materials and renew your financial commitment to the parish by completing the “Giving Intention Card.”
If you’re wondering, “How much should I be giving to my parish?” The Bible provides the answer! According to God’s Word we are to tithe a percentage of our income. This means being intentional with our giving and not just offering to God our “left-overs” – what we happen to have in our wallet on Sunday morning. The biblical tithe is 10%. Today Christians might give 5% to the local parish and the remaining 5% to worthy charities. Since most of us are not quite there yet, the challenge is to “take a step” in faith and increase your level of support by ½%.
Tithing doesn’t ask, “How much does the church need to pay the bills?” Rather, tithing is about my need to give based upon how God has blessed me. A better question might be to ask, “What might our parish be able to do if everyone tithed?” How many more needs could be met? How many more lives changed? How many more people served, evangelized, or catechized? I can tell you that there is so much more we could be doing pastorally if only there were sufficient financial resources. Tithing is not about simply maintaining what we have, but envisioning what might yet be done for God’s glory and the salvation of souls!
You might say, “My ½% increase is not that significant. What could it possibly do to help?” Remember what our Lord did with five loaves and two fish which people thought were too little to feed the vast crowd. Or think about the widow’s mite from last Sunday’s gospel. Your gift does make a difference. And if everyone increased by that ½% it can make a huge difference!
As your Thanks-giving to God please return your “Giving Intention Card.” We want to hear from every household, even if your contribution will remain unchanged for next year. In advance, thank you for your continued generous support and commitment to our parish community!