SCRIP Program

Scrip Order Form

Contact: 715-723-4088

Thank you for your support of this fundraising program!

Remember that unless orders come through the parish, the parish will not receive a rebate. If the order comes through the parish, both parish and school receive a rebate.

Here's How SCRIP Works!

  • Extra SCRIP forms are available in the magazine rack in the narthex.
  • Include a check for full payment of the order and place in the collection basket, or drop in the SCRIP slot by the Tree of Life plague.
  • SCRIP orders will be prepared for distribution at the parish office for weekend Masses. We will distribute your order as you indicate on the order form.
  • You will need to sign for all orders before they are distributed. Identification may be requested.
  • We will notify parishioners whose orders were unable to be filled during a respective week.
  • SCRIP can be purchased at the MACS Central Office at any time. No additional inventory will be available at the parish level.


Notes about the form itself:

  • Credit to Acct. - place any family name on this line that has children in the McDonell
    Area Catholic School (MACS) system. These families will receive credit toward their tuition at MACS. Putting a name on this line does not take away from the credit that the parish will earn.
  • The * behind most of the vendors means that these certificates can carry a balance on them; you don't have to use the whole amount at one time.
  • There are more options for pickup on the bottom left hand section of the order form also. Please check the one that is most convenient for you.
  • Some of the vendors do not give gift certificates as in the section labeled "Local SCRIP to be ordered." Please check with those vendors about their procedures, but remember that the parish will only get credit for the orders that come through the parish.