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Happy Shin Dig Weekend! Today (Sunday) St. Peter’s holds their annual Shin Dig. I hope that we’ll all turn out to support this great event. Many thanks to the St. Peter’s Christian Mothers and all those who have been working so hard behind the scenes to make Shin Dig a success! Also, just a reminder that in two weeks (August 2) St. Charles will hold their annual Celebration of Summer. It is always good to see our parishioners supporting each other’s parishes at both these events.

Such events are important, not only because of the needed revenue they raise, but because they are an opportunity to build community. Working together at Shin Dig /Celebration of Summer helps to strengthen the ties that bind us as parish families. Plus, it’s simply a lot of fun whether you’re working one of the venues or simply attending. There is a good feeling knowing that you’re part of something good and beneficial for the whole community.

But these parish events also remind us on a deeper level that we Catholics are a people of festivals. Our liturgical calendar is filled with holy days, feasts, and days of high solemnity. These breaks from the routine of daily life are important because they draw us into what is most real and what gives meaning and purpose to the whole of life. Keeping a festival/feast day is living in the world as it is meant to be – a world redeemed by God’s grace. Those who feast already live for a brief time in that new world towards which all creation is striving (Cf. Romans 8:19.) The great liturgical theologian, Joseph Jungman writes:

“What exactly is a feast day? Just as one can say that an altar is a piece of earth raised a little towards heaven, so one can say of a feast day that it is a piece of time which touches eternity.”

Whether the festival is a holyday or Shin Dig, such days lift us up, refresh our spirits, and express our longing for eternity. This is what Sunday – our weekly festival – is all about. May we keep every Sunday as a true feast in the Lord!

Father Ed