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Diocese of La Crosse announces the lifting of the general dispensation from Sunday Mass and Holy Days of Obligation

Bishop William Patrick Callahan has announced that he will lift the current dispensation of the Sunday Mass and Holy Days of Obligation for the Diocese of La Crosse beginning on June 26-27, 2021. “The Mass is our intimate encounter with Jesus,” said Bishop Callahan. “It is with open arms and a grateful heart, that we welcome all to respond to the invitation of Jesus to come to Him.”

The general dispensation from the obligation of Sunday Mass during the COVID-19 pandemic went into effect on March 13, 2020. Since that time, many Catholics have been returning to Mass as their local conditions allowed. It is important to note that those who have reasonable cause for a continued absence from Sunday Mass and Holy Days of Obligation do not need a dispensation; personal illness or disability have always been considered valid excusing factors.

Participants attending Mass are encouraged to follow proper precautions to ensure the safety of all. A complete list of guidelines can be found at


Holy and Triune God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we thank you for Your gifts of time, talent, and treasures manifested in our daily lives.
We pray, Father, for the openness of heart; Jesus, we ask for the ability to recognize Your gifts in ourselves as well as in our brothers and sisters; Holy Spirit, we ask for Your guidance for us to live the life of stewardship for which we were created and called.
St. Joseph, we ask you as the Patron of our Diocese, intercede for us, be a model in our use of our time, talents, and treasures by living the command of Jesus, working together and sharing the Joy of the Gospel, for the building up of the Kingdom to Heaven here on earth.
Holy Mary, Mother of God, so gracious, our model of humility, help us and encourage us, strengthen us in our faith, so we may generously answer the Lord’s call with a resounding yes to a life of service for which the Father created us, Jesus calls us, and the Holy Spirit guides us.
We ask this through Christ, our Lord