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Confirmation Class Begins
January 5, 2022
7:10 – 8:30pm
Held at Holy Ghost Elementary
All St. Peter and St. Charles Parishioners regardless of attending high school (Catholic or government).

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Pray for Dobbs

Come Pray for Dobbs – Join Catholics and Protestants uniting in Pro-Life Prayer From the website In the USA, abortion takes the lives of over 600,000 babies a year. Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health could change that.
   The Mississippi law at stake in this case bans abortion after 15 weeks. This is the case that could overturn Roe v. Wade—the Supreme Court decision which made abortion legal in all 50 states. Nine justices stand between life and death for millions of innocent children and their mothers.

What can we do? The most important thing we can do to is to bend our knees in supplication to our Lord Jesus Christ, asking for the end to Roe, and to the brutal practice of abortion. We all need to pray without ceasing. And we need to tell our friends and church communities to join us. Can you imagine what could happen if all who want an end to abortion joined together? If each believer committed to prayer and fasting? And if we organized within our local churches so that our communities would do the same? What would happen if tens or hundreds of millions of Americans prayed for an end to abortion? With God, all things are possible!