Gifts to Share

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Congratulations to St. Peter’s Parish on a tremendously successful Shin Dig! It was great to see everyone working together so well and of course it the turn-out was wonderful. Many thanks to the Christian Mothers and to all who had a hand in making this year’s Shin Dig a success! And, thanks to all who turned out to support St. Peter’s.

Next weekend is St. Charles’ Celebration of Summer. I know we’re still in need of volunteers … please see the bulletin for details. One new venue at this year’s Celebration of Summer is a thrift sale. Thanks to all who have been donating items for the thrift sale as well as the Silent Auction. Please plan to join us next Sunday, August 2nd!

As I mentioned in last weekend’s bulletin, these parish festivals are important not only for the revenue they bring in, but because they help to strengthen the ties of friendship that bind us together as a parish family. Whether you’re volunteering or just attending, these events are really meant to bolster our sense of community. So again, I encourage you to join us!

This weekend we begin reading from Chapter 6 of the Gospel of John. For the next several Sundays the Church will ponder this chapter that contains Jesus’ teaching about himself as the Bread of Life. Since the Eucharist is the “source and summit” of our life as Catholics, this portion of Scripture is especially important to us. I’d highly encourage you over these weeks to sit down and prayerfully read the whole of John 6. It will enable you to enter more fully into the scriptures at Sunday Mass and will enrich your own appreciation of the Lord’s Real Presence for us in the holy Eucharist.

In this Sunday’s section of John 6 we hear of the miracle of the loaves and fish. The Lord takes the small offering of a young boy – five loaves and two fish – and transforms it into a banquet for thousands of people. It’s a reminder that the Lord will take the gifts we offer – no matter how insignificant they may seem – and do something great with them. That’s especially important to remember in light of our parish festivals: everyone’s gift matters; each person’s time/talent/treasure is needed! The Lord continues to do great things when each of us shares our gifts.

Father Ed